About Us


Junk Removal Trucks has been established as one of the main professional service providers in Canada British Columbia.

Over the years of perseverance and hard work, Junk Removal Trucks has become well known in the local market for doing; Remove any junk unwanted and recycling technology, Furniture Removal, insulation removal, garbage of construction works, Hot Tub disposal services, Disconnect and dispose of the Appliance, Take off the drywall and get rid of it, Mattress disposal, Dismantle and disposal, Carpet removal, laminate floor Removal,  Ceramic tile removal, and more. With the excellence in project management and quality of work, Junk Removal Trucks provides assistance and significant ideas to Remove any junk unwanted and services in a manner appropriate with the current and future recycling technology.

At present, Junk Removal Trucks is aiming to deliver the one-stop solutions together with its existing business partners to all the clients over the Canada British Columbia in different cities, Surrey, New Westminster, Langley, White Rock, Delta. It is targeting to spread its ability to lead the market and enhances the capabilities to create more business opportunities over time.




To save the planet from waste, contaminants, junk and recycling them to be of useful value for the planet by providing our services to government institutions and private enterprises and individuals.

To accomplish our mission, Junk Removal Trucks provides; Accurate services, Customer’s satisfaction, and Timely project delivery.




To become the regional leaders in providing professional services, aims to be customer-centric and achieve success by delivering one-stop solution and services for the different Organizations, and to achieve its mission. Junk Removal Trucks always focuses on the client’s needs, committed to organizations, integrity, and dedication to quality solutions and services, having in mind the ratio costs/benefits.